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Eat Your Vegetables!!

MORE Vegetables, PLEASE!
Uriia Underhill, B.Sc.

Funny thing is this would seem to be something that would put you in the right direction of health.  Now I'm beginning to wonder, what benefits we are actually receiving if we are unable to buy straight organic or grow our own?

I support vegetables and fruit! I know that in a better time these foods would be sole provider of many essential vitamins and nutrients needed to improve all aspects of health and wellness.

The problem is that now days, we could actually be doing more harm than good because of the amounts of pesticides present in our food supply. 

I recently watched an episode of Dr. Oz that stated a conventional grown cucumber can have upward to 32 different pesticides used during its growth, which in turn results in that many being present inside the vegetable. Yeah, Yeah I know you can "just wash the outside." Or at least that is what "they" tell you. Now we all know a plant is grown from a root, which sucks from the ground and then distributes those toxins through out the product. Hmm seems to me no amount of washing is able to clean out the inside of a plant. Thus this horrible situation continues. 

It is sad to me that now the "true medicine" for our bodies is tainted. Many people are unable to afford Organic produce and in that case unable to escape possible poisoning. I realize that there are two options to reduce this problem, grow your own or take back our produce. We can make a difference!! 

It's our health, let's do something about it!!

An AMAZING episode to watch!!!
----> What the Food Industry doesn't want you to know!


  1. I ran across this post and I am baffled that eating non organic veggies is hurting my family. I want the best for my family but unable to afford organic. I have considered growing my own but I am a single mom who works close to 70 hours a week. I know I should make time but it is virtually impossible. Do you have any tips or ideas to get me started in the right direction? I'm feeling like a failure as a mom because I am not protecting my 4 children from this awful mess the USDA has got us in. Please help a mom in crisis.

  2. It is horrible that the safest options cost so much money or take so much time. Here are a couple of options I thought might help. 1. See if your town has a local farmers market. Go there and speak with the people who grow the food. Many might be more "organic" than you think but just not paying the money to have the official certification. 2- would be to talk with your neighbors, maybe you all could go into it together and help out so no one has to do all of the work. I'm sure you will have plenty of food and it's building a stronger community. I know that it seems that growing a garden takes a lot of time but a lot of time but so does driving and walking through the grocery store multiple times a month. My son loves to help me plant and I've actually made it like a chore that is exciting for him, plus it gives us quality time together with an extra bonus of fresh food. I hope this helps. Stay well my friend!


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