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Self Efficacy; Healing at Two Years. | Enlighten

  Healing at Two Years.

December 16th marked an end to an important period for my family.

Childhood Obesity? Is it out of our hands? | Enlighten

Removing Sugary Drinks from Schools

Nearly one third or 78.6 million of U.S Adults are now obese (CDC, 2015). 

Approximately 12.7 million of U.S children are also falling into obesity categories (CDC, 2015).  It is no surprise that simple measures need to be taken to ensure that over consumption of somethings may need to be managed. 

Of course, this would be a touchy subject to any American. It is somewhat part of our “freedoms” to choose what is right for us. 

#NOSugar Daze | Enlighten

#NOSugar Daze
Uriia Underhill, B.Sc.

                                    40 days without man-made, processed sugar.

After years of not only feeling the effects of but watching it take a hold of everybody in our country a choice was made. 

How hard could it be right?

I was blown away when I heard that nearly 70% of foods on the shelves have some type of "sugar" in them.