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30 Day Physical Fitness Plan | Exercise | getAmazin health

Hello Everyone!! :)

Today, I’ve got something special for you all. I’m releasing my personal 30 day Physical Fitness Plan. I came up with this plan a while ago and have used it myself for various things throughout the years. One of which was to get back in shape after Vohz, and wished I had after Jaze.

Over the years I have trained others, and myself coming up with this SUPER EASY to use plan that can be adapted in a small space like you see me doing or at the gym. There are also ways to do modified versions of  all the exercises, which I have demonstrated some in the videos.

WATCH EXERCISE Videos 1, 2, 3,  4, & 5 BELOW :)

*Also Included a 30 day Calendar(at bottom of post)*

Work Out Fitness Exam | Exercise | getAmazin health

This is an assessment to see where you are at physically. This is also a chance to see how increasing your physical activity throughout the week can help you improve specific body movements without even completing these movements all the time. It also helps you to gauge your progress and encourages you to turn it up a notch. So what are you waiting for? 

10 Foods that Improve your Focus | Nourish | getAmazin health

Time is money, and in today’s work world, or life in general, it is the gold standard for success that you are able to perform and do it better than those around you. If not you risk falling behind, or losing the things that provide necessities. 

Here it is 3 o’clock and your need for a nap kicks in, yet you still have hours of work left to do. In a lot of cases, it is habit to grab an energy type drink or something overflowing with caffeine and sugar to be able to push through. But what if those things were robbing you of the actual benefits you are seeking? 

Body Blast 1 | Exercise | getAmazin health

 Squats x12

Lunges w/Tap x12 L&R

Jumping Jacks x12

Push Ups x5

Deadlifts x12

REPEAT AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Healthy Mothers and Babies | Nourish | getAmazin health

The health of a mother and newly born infant are often the determining factors of the health of a location. πŸ‘©‍🍼🀰

 That is why it is extremely important to make sure that women of childbearing age who are planning to become pregnant, may be currently pregnant, as well as postpartum are receiving adequate information on how to keep themselves and their children as healthy as possible. 🀸🏽🀽

It is surprising that in a country as developed as the United States, infant mortality (the death of a child before one year of age) is still such a problem?

Is the Paleo Diet right for me? l Nourish l getAmazin health

This is a question a lot of you have asked me recently. So here are the top reasons why this eating style might be for you. 🍽

HELLO, HELLO!! | Enlighten

4 Reasons Why You Can't Shed Those Pounds l Nourish l getAmazin health

I often talk to a lot of people, who how can I say this... Are down right frustrated 😑 about the fact that they eat healthy and still can't lose the weight, or they continue to gain weight despite their hard work.

One thing I've found is that we all have a different idea of what healthy is. And this is rightly so, when you have any information you want available to you over the Internet. It is always good to examine the patterns and trends of your eating habits, so you can learn how to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to run to the best of its ability. 

There are some foods that we often like to indulge in more than others that knowingly unknowingly are not in our best interest. This happens to me a lot with Mac and cheese πŸ§€πŸ˜’

What if "Organic Food" is more than Just Extra Dollar Signs? l Enlighten l getAmazin health

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Maimonides

How true is this statement? In today's society we rarely "fish" anymore. What has been lost because of this? I believe it is our connection to our food, to a source of life and energy. We no longer appreciate what it takes to "fish" for our food instead it is served to us never really encompassing all the hard work that it took to provide. Not only for the person who supplies it but for the precious animal that worked its entire life being.

When food was scarce and hard to come by, how appreciative were those who spent all day working hard to gather it?

Every Body Eats!!! l Nourish l getAmazin health

Learn to Skip The "Diet" and Just Eat Healthy!! 🍽
 This is your "Cheat Sheet"πŸ’― to everything you've always wanted your body to be🀸🏽🀽 (within reason of course). *Look Below for Handy Print Out Pages!!*πŸ₯‡ get the book here ✨πŸ“š

Finally a way to learn how to pick and choose foods that will actually help your body, not hurt it. We've all heard eat this, don't eat this, you have to cut back on this, etc. But how much of this is true? What are the things you should avoid, and when you don't want to, what are the best options? Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase energy levels, or just have an overall feeling of wellness, I am confident that this plan is for you. And if not? Well hell, what do you really have to lose? 

I have spent countless hours developing this plan to work for everyone, every body.πŸ’―

What I have found from all of the people I have worked with is that they just want to feel good, whether it be physically or mentally. What better way than to look at the foods you eat and turn them into the fuel your body needs?πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡✨✨

Just be YOU. | Enlighten


It seems people will go out of their way to discredit you, down play your hard work or try to make you be what their perception of you is.

How can you fit a lifetime of experiences into a tiny box, or singular statement?
Why would we want to do this to anyone? Or ourselves?

Personally, I have heard what others say about me. I have seen what they think by the look on their faces. I am sure at times, I am even guilty of this myself. Over the years I have done my best to ignore them and go on my way. To always smile, at everyone and not judge.. It is your journey not mine. and we all do things differently. I honor your soul, and your choices.

Water like words can still sink the strongest of ships, if it is allowed to get inside. I believe this holds true now more than ever. This means we choose what we allow to affect us. We choose to be offended, or we choose not to be. We have that power over our egos and over those who mean to do us harm intentionally or not.

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