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Improving Maternal, Infant, and Child Health Statistics through Health and Nutrition Education | Enlighten

        Improving Maternal, Infant, and child health

Maternal, Infant, and child health statistics are important for any community because of the direct indicator of the effectiveness of the disease prevention and health promotion services. Currently the United States is trying to lower maternal and infant mortality rates. It is common knowledge that unintended pregnancies, late or no prenatal care, poor maternal and child nutrition, maternal drug use, poverty, limited education, and insufficient childcare combined with an inability to access health care services are precursors for these high rates (McKenzie, Pinger, 2015).

We are now aware that many of the risk factors can be prevented or reduced by early interventions of educational programs and preventative medical services.

It is important for communities to provide a positive environment that supports and nurtures the emotional and physical needs of the family and helps to reduce the need for costly medical and social assistance to these members of society now and at later stages in life.


 A Healthy Start; The Importance of Nutrition Before, During, and After Pregnancy


   Since the beginning of mankind one thing, one miracle has always been the center of our attention.... the birth of new life.

This one occurrence is a leading factor in helping our existence flourish.

Although no scientific evidence has been deemed to show this true, yet. Two common assumption have been stamped into our minds associated with pregnancies.

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