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Exercise reduces stress | Enlighten

Your body can benefit from nearly any type of physical activity. Participating in regular training time can lead to feelings of happiness created from endorphins. During physical activity your body actually makes more feel good neuropeptides (MayoClinic, 2014).

Physical training is often said to give a euphoric feeling, which is also usually accompanied by encouraging outlooks on life and events. Endorphins also help the body to diminish the feeling of pain. Physical activity helps the body fight disease as well as improves your physical condition (ADAA, 2014).


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The four ‘stress domino factors’ | Enlighten

Domino Four is described as many foods in today’s society are processed and can increase the chemical load on one’s body. This in turn increases the amount of toxins present. The presence of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers (petroleum-based and synthetic) can greatly obstruct the body’s immune system from working properly.

Domino Three suggests that the increased consumption of processed sugar, processed flour, processed salt, alcohol, and caffeine actually increase the stress levels of the body and increase the sympathetic drive as well as other negative physiological responses.

Domino Two states that because the current American’s lifestyle is under a state of constant stress, it is more likely that good eating habits are not present. The typical American is very likely to eat junk foods, fast foods, comfort foods and processed foods that are high in calories yet low in nutrients thus compromising multiple aspects of health and one of the leading causes of obesity. The body will hinder the fall of health for as long as possible however can only fight malnutrition for so long.

Domino One refers to the depletion of nutrients present in the body because of levels of constant stress. The body metabolizes water-soluble vitamins and minerals for energy production. Depletion of these key nutrients is present even if stress is from sitting in front of your computer all day. During levels of stress the body relies more heavily on these nutrients thus robbing your levels and affecting overall health status.


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