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Well after a long four months of hibernating, I've finally decided to emerge from the cave. Only this time I do it with a slight hint of a big change to come. We will be welcoming our new baby boy sometime around December. Being a mother of two truly sparks fear deep inside but it is a challenge I am ready to accept!

I've done "okay" with eating healthy, with baby in mind of course! At the same time I have also given into indulgences with the thought process "this is a time of enjoyment".  I wanted to change the pace of my blogging just a bit and include some of my personal matter's such as raising, growing, and enjoying family life in a healthy, wholesome mindset!

My studies lately have taken me in the direction of mind-body connections and I'm truly intrigued! It is thought that using the mind can actually heal illness and improve your well being as much as nutrition. I will be looking into and posting some of my research!

As always hope every one's travels through life have been filled with the things you hold precious!
Stay healthy, my friends! :)

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