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The Humming Bird Experience | Enlighten


Warning- this would be consider by my husband a "hippie" post :)
(Which he in no way means in a bad way, I think LOL)

I am constantly humbled by the Divines gifts of this world. I am also in awe of the messages brought to light daily to further develop my understanding of time in this period. Today in my hand I held an elusive magical creature certainly on the brink of death. He was exhausted and overly hot. Certainly it was passed the point of survival mode, to the point that it surrendered to something that ultimately could have been his demise. In this moment, I soaked up the beauty of this creature in amazement.

We as humans are so caught up in our egos and ourselves that most of the time; we are "missing" the bigger picture of life. We are totally missing out on the beauty happening all around us.

Our minds (Ego) create such internal conflict that one has a mental response of constantly being in a life or death situation.

Yes, by over thinking situations you are constantly causing "stress" to your immune system and bodies organs. If I am in a mind state of always worrying, thinking, dreaming about paying the bills, acquiring material goods, what is to come next or hell even what should of happened then I am actually making my body sicker. This could directly related why some people handle certain illnesses better than others or get them in the first place. WHY? Mentally these things have the affect on the body as if you are in survival mode. You can imagine how hard that is on your body always thinking it's in a life or death situation over things that although may be a big deal but not you actually being on the brink of survival.

So today, if only for a minute I will be stop thinking, worrying, dreaming about the next step and I will be present in this beautiful moment. After all it is a gift so few actually enjoy.

Stay well, my friends!

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