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Are we are the Drug Users of our Time? | Enlighten

Is it true most American’s are now getting a fix of sugary sweet more often than needed?

Are we really addicted to “food-like” products that contain large amounts of sugar?  

Why then are we often found overindulging more than we know we should? 

The more we eat the worse the problem is. Yet, doesn’t there have to be some accountability of our own actions? 

How do we go about unlearning years of habits and desires in a blink of an eye?

Our “supply” is now everywhere we turn from the counters at the gas stations, vending machine at work and even right within the grocery store. Now more common than not mixed in with most foods on the shelves. Which used to be okay to add small amounts of sugars as an ingredient because we used to get it in such small amounts. Yet, these are all of our choices and decisions. We have been told for as long as we can remember “eat your fruits and vegetables”  and yet most still choose to look the other way when it comes to our health. And the world.

It Seems that over the time of being introduced to sugar, the weaker our ability or desire to control this indulgence became.

What seems like suddenly, sugar became a common ingredient in most foods. It was also something that more and more people felt like they needed with every meal. A once in a while on a celebration became a staple ingredient purchased frequently. Or even now thanks to convenience became something we could grab in a hurry and go sometimes replacing quality nutrition altogether. This became adults routines and now sadly that of our children.

Do we really need sugar at every meal? I am of course using the term “NEED” loosely before because many of these foods have nothing nutritionally beneficial for our bodies and often are referred to as “Empty Calories” only providing your body with minimal “added vitamins & mineral.” But in a different aspect do we as individuals need to consume so much sugar?

Do you really have to have it or are you actually CRAVING it?
How do we go about finding healthy ways to both enjoy the "Desserts" of life, while still working to improve our health and wellness “responsibly?”

We now have the scientific evidence to believe that some of these “ingredients” are actually causing chemical reactions within the brain much like many of illegal street drugs. Much because it helps the brain release feel-good chemicals. Which of course we all want to feel good. However, this is a fleeting feeling much like riding the waves. This is why eating in a balanced way that is a more sustainable feel good, without the crash and fatigue some may feel.  Instead of eating for the benefits it gives to our body we are eating to feel good in our brains, which from the current trends have shown to be a slippery slope.

These ingredients are now included in most packaged foods. Involved during the preparation making it a no brainer to just pick it up and eat it. Not everyone is walking around thinking “dang, I wonder what this food I’m eating is made of.” But maybe that is a change we all need to be aware of. 

Most of the commonly purchased chips, drinks, packaged foods that line our grocery store have ingredients that should only be eaten in moderation. It takes us knowing that fact and training ourselves to be cautious and mindful of our eating habits.  

We have allowed this to take place right under our noses and enjoyed ever sweet processed moment but it’s time for a CHANGE! We have trained our minds to not worry about it and eat it, and now it has started to make a significant impact on our growth and development. 

Many packaged, processed foods products are known to contain ingredients that should only be eaten in small quantities. Time has being to show the effects these products have if consumed in high quantities over time. This seemingly small addition to eating habits worldwide are changing the health status of people. Which is not as much of the problem is the fact that we choose not to be mindful of the amounts we ingest. Or maybe even if we found better quality products and began making them the most popular and reasonably priced option? How do we achieve this?

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

It's not that we shouldn’t ever eat it..(even though that's probably true ;) just be more aware of how much we are taking in on a daily. See more on the post () <----Found here

Could these ingredients play a role in leading causes of death in our country today, which happen to be linked to dietary habits?

The Great Sugar Rankings


Overconsumption of these products is fueling us into being overweight, tired and craving more. A vicious cycle that unless mindful of, can lead to long terms problems.

We have the right to choose and the choice has to be ours and ours alone.

This is our recovery. This is the first step or the hundredth. This is one more bite of information to increase the aspects of our wellness. 
This is our INTERVENTION. Let’s get it!

Together in Health,

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