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What if "Organic Food" is more than Just Extra Dollar Signs? l Enlighten l getAmazin health

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Maimonides

How true is this statement? In today's society we rarely "fish" anymore. What has been lost because of this? I believe it is our connection to our food, to a source of life and energy. We no longer appreciate what it takes to "fish" for our food instead it is served to us never really encompassing all the hard work that it took to provide. Not only for the person who supplies it but for the precious animal that worked its entire life being.

When food was scarce and hard to come by, how appreciative were those who spent all day working hard to gather it?

How thankful were the mothers and children when the fruits of labor were brought back to feed the starving, growing, and even the sick and wounded?

Did this love and thanks provide something more for the body?

Have we lost the spiritual connection with the source of nourishment to our bodies?

There was once a time when no part of an animal was wasted. When every good thing was given to the animal just to only put positive into that life source and into the food that would provide for the body. Once it was determined the animal would be used, the meat was prayed over and thanks was given.

Were these rituals once something more? Did they have a far bigger effect on the people who were able to receive that gift?

What thought do we now give to the plastic wrapped chicken breast purchased from the store? Do our children appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing that animal for a life only to be used for our benefit?

Are our feeding practices doing good for our earth or our children. How can we work towards creating an establishing guidelines that help all of our populations holistically? What are these messages sending? Do they have direct correlation to obesity and disease that is plaguing our communities?

Would you be more in tune with the meals you ate if you had to work hard to get them? Would you treat that animal better if you knew where it was coming from and you had to do everything to get it to your table?

I realize that this is a far cry from where we are today but what if only we put that thought back into our food? What if this organic, grass fed movement is far more than just the dollar signs everyone sees?

I believe we have the power to make positive affects on the things we do and have. Because eventually that little tiny 10 percent becomes the truth. Do good, Be Great!

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