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10 Foods that Improve your Focus | Nourish | getAmazin health

Time is money, and in today’s work world, or life in general, it is the gold standard for success that you are able to perform and do it better than those around you. If not you risk falling behind, or losing the things that provide necessities. 

Here it is 3 o’clock and your need for a nap kicks in, yet you still have hours of work left to do. In a lot of cases, it is habit to grab an energy type drink or something overflowing with caffeine and sugar to be able to push through. But what if those things were robbing you of the actual benefits you are seeking? 

So how does one increase focus without some of the negative side effects of empty calories, high sugar, or highly caffeinated items?

What if the answer was as simple as adding some nutritional power packed items into your daily habits? Sure enough, these 10 foods are bound to give you a lot more than just good clean focus. So, what are you waiting for? Thankfully you can find them at any local grocery store or maybe already in your refrigerator.  
1. Leafy Greens
These vegetables include spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, mustard greens, Swiss chard, and others. Leafy greens have shown to ward of dementia. Eating leafy greens daily has benefits of helping to slow the progression of mental deterioration.
2. Avocados
Don’t let the high fat content fool you. Avocados are packed with beneficial monosaturated fats that are a healthy addition to your diet. Avocados are excellent sources of folate and vitamin K. These two vitamins have been known to help improve brain function specifically focus and memory. Also aiding in the prevention of strokes. 
-Avocados are a great addition to smoothies or as fat/oil replacements.

3. Fatty Fish
Fatty Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids known to increase behavioral function, memory and mental performance. Because of low amounts of fish in the typical American diet many people are deficient. Lack of omega-3’s can cause poor memory, depression, fatigue, and mood swings.
Salmon- is packed with beneficial omega3’s that help improve memory and keep the brain focused. Other good varieties are sardines, mackerel, kipper, and herring. Wild Caught fish often have the most benefits.
4. Nuts
Everything about nuts are good for the body however one f the best benefits is that nuts and seeds are excellent sources of vitamin E which is a useful antioxidant. Paired with essential oils and amino acids, nuts really help to hone in your focus. 
Walnuts- eating a handful or less a day can help improve brain health and increase focus. These nuts are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to increase brain functioning.
5. Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil has been regarded as natural anti-inflammatory. Which inflammation in any part of the body can decrease productivity. Coconut oil also helps with memory loss and assists in keeping bad bacteria out of your body and maintaining gut health. 
-Coconut oil is a good addition to bake goods, and smoothies.
6. Turmeric, Sage, or Rosemary
Turmeric- has potential to boost antioxidant levels to help keep your immune system strong. It also works to help your brain process information and stay alert and focused. The Curcumin, which is a chemical compound is known to be one of the most natural and powerful anti-inflammatory fighters. 
Sage- has always had the reputation of improving concentration, memory and focus. Using the fresh herb in cooking or the essential oil is a great to increase attention span.
Rosemary- contains Carnosic acid which works to prevent neurodegeneration. It also helps to protect the brain from free radicals that are linked to strokes, again of the brain, and Alzheimer’s.
7. Pumpkin Seeds
This seed has the most zinc and helps to increase quick thinking and memory. Also bringing plenty of magnesium which is also important in increasing mental focus.
8. Ginkgo Biloba & Ginseng
Ginkgo Biloba- helps to reduce oxidative stress. It also works to increase circulatory issues that are often linked to declining memory. The use of ginkgo biloba has shown to increase mood, energy, and improve memory. 
Ginseng- shows promise in increasing subtle changes to increase metal focus. It helps to increase the working memory and performance of brain activity.
9. Green Tea
Green Tea is always a great choice if you just need a caffeine fix. It often has far less than coffee and normally half the sugar and calories as well. It also includes the amino acid theanine, which has shown to improve focus and mental alertness. 
10. Water
Water is so beneficial for all of life processes however it gives the brain electrical energy for performing brain functions. These functions can include focus, thought, and memory. Being hydrated can help the brain have increased focus, compute faster, and improve clarity. 

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