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Should you drink milk?

Milk for Strong Bones? 
Uriia Underhill, B.Sc.

I have always suffered from lactose intolerance. I have followed a Paleo type lifestyle for about two years now, as well as done research on the affects of milk on the body. Here are some interesting facts I’ve found.

Research has shown that Vitamin D has shown to have more help in lowering the risk of osteoporosis. The research points out that the countries that lack milk consumption such as Asia and Africa have the lowest rate of the disease.

Calcium but not from dairy products has the affects to prevent colon cancer, meaning we should only receive our vitamin d and calcium from a plant based fruit or vegetable form (Dr. Hyman, 2012).

A study shows that actually 75 percent of people are unable to break down lactose, a sugar found in high contents within milk.  Most mammals develop lactose intolerance after the weaning process (Mayo Clinic, 2012).


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