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Physical Fitness Matters

Some say that happiness is just a work out away and unsurprisingly there are some interesting facts that support the statement. 

Exercise and Physical activity can help you lose weight, or maintain and even build muscle mass. When you engage in an exercise you burn calories, the harder the workout the more calories are burned. You can also burn calories by engaging in household duties. These are little things that easily get replaced by watching television or mindlessly searching the web.

Little things like taking the stairs, sweeping the floors, or even dancing to music with the children can help add minutes of activity to your day. Exercise and physical activity has been shown to stimulate chemicals within the brain to actually make you feel happier and more content (MayoClinic, 2012). 

Not to mention the benefits of when you look better, you feel better, which raises self-confidence.  

Exercise and physical activity helps decrease body fat, help with heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and activates high-density lipoprotein and lowers cholesterol.  Feeling tired and run down? Well guess what? More physical activity, more energy! Exercise is proven to boost muscular strength and endurance, deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues (MayoClinic, 2012).  Exercise also helps your lungs are heart work more efficiently.


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