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#NOSugar Daze | Enlighten

#NOSugar Daze
Uriia Underhill, B.Sc.

                                    40 days without man-made, processed sugar.

After years of not only feeling the effects of but watching it take a hold of everybody in our country a choice was made. 

How hard could it be right?

I was blown away when I heard that nearly 70% of foods on the shelves have some type of "sugar" in them. 

Until I really dove into 40 DAYS of it.
It is true. 

Most of the nights, I watched my family consume anything-packaged, even organic and clean version still “added sugar”.
My family enjoys typical American meals. Only I try to make them as “clean” as possible. So many night’s add-ins include; Organic Tomato Sauce, Organic Noodles, and Organic Nuts just to name a few.

    If it wasn’t a whole food source it had it in it.
    It to me certainly sheds light on a main issue in the typical “Western Diet”, we are consuming too much SUGAR!!!!

    About a week in, I could feel my energy levels start to peak again. It was great I woke up ready to go!

    Performance was increasing and my recovery was on point. I felt great. I knew it! 
    At about 28 days in I noticed visible changes to my skin, hair and nail quality.
    But it was HARD. In March, I celebrated my 28th birthday. WOW! 28! Thankful!!!
    My son was determined that the night could not be finished without a cake in the house.
    I believe in “desserts” but we as a culture have forgotten the “on occasion” part and in turn have morphed it into every meal of the day.
    So, we got cake.
    Smiled and it wasn’t that bad, glad that I got to have another year with those “crazy cookie monsters”. Watched the guys enjoy most of it that night.
    Raising our son came to mind and the years replayed in my head. Even from the time he finally came home formula was suggested to supplement.
    The first two ingredients of common brands
    Corn syrup solids, & sugar?
    So wait, obesity, diabetes, childhood diabetes, & cancer plague our communities yet we don’t think the first ingredient in what we begin to grow our bodies with matters.
    Sigh, I’ve been hooked since birth?!? haha
    Is it hidden from us or our choice?
    Well if it is hidden, NOW WE KNOW.
    YES! Our shelves and our foods are covered in sugar and yes, WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Maybe it’s something about “like eating it in moderation” ;)

    SO, of course the first thing I ate was pizza and cake.
    I never felt sicker, the next morning I felt like crap. NO ENERGY. TIRED!!
    I remembered. lol “Carbohydrate Hangover”.
    Just like alcohol.
    However, true to form I wanted MORE. In these cases you can get back on the straight and narrow or fall right back into a rut. This is the #struggle
    In times like this I choose fruit options for the next couple of days before enjoying anything organic and sweet again.
    Thankful for many insightful lessons learned.
    Our #toxic addiction of #sweet.
    “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you'll move mountains.” -Dr. Seuss
    Stay Well, Stay Informed.
    <3 Uriia

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