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4 Reasons Why You Can't Shed Those Pounds l Nourish l getAmazin health

I often talk to a lot of people, who how can I say this... Are down right frustrated 😑 about the fact that they eat healthy and still can't lose the weight, or they continue to gain weight despite their hard work.

One thing I've found is that we all have a different idea of what healthy is. And this is rightly so, when you have any information you want available to you over the Internet. It is always good to examine the patterns and trends of your eating habits, so you can learn how to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to run to the best of its ability. 

There are some foods that we often like to indulge in more than others that knowingly unknowingly are not in our best interest. This happens to me a lot with Mac and cheese πŸ§€πŸ˜’

Now I will say, that knowing your body is important. 🀸🏽🀽 No one knows you better than you. However make sure that you are getting your information from a credible source.

So now for the 4 Reasons Why You Can't Shed Those Pounds πŸ˜–

4. Preservatives/Chemicals
-boxed foods
-processed meats
-processed ingredients

Chemicals and preservatives are used to help maintain foods. While in our body, they help us hold on to excess water and toxins. Many of the chemicals included in foods are not recognized by our body so they are sent to fat cells to be trapped or used for later. What can be processed from the chemicals are sent through the body's systems and hopefully eliminated through our digestive process but this can also create extra pressure on our organs because the substances aren't really food.

3.Milk Products
-milk based sauces/toppings

Milk is often high in saturated fat, which we all know too much of isn't good for us. While there are low fat and skim varieties, these are often go through various processes to get it to that form, which causes milk to fall into the chemical and processed section. Another reason is that milk breaks down into a type of sugar once digested by the body, now this sugar isn't the same as the type from vegetables and fruits so if your using these products more often than not, it could be a reason for extra weight.

2. Too Much Bread
-bagels, croissants, biscuits 

Once again bread breaks down into sugar when digested by the body. One piece of bread can equal 3 teaspoons of sugar not to mention that most have excess sugar added to them. Bread is also known highly processed and has many added ingredients. Which also causes bread to fall into the preservatives and chemical section.

-sodas, shakes
-candy, cakes
-most importantly just regular foods

So many foods include sugar today and if you've followed my work, you know how much I stress watching your intake of sugars. One reason is that most of them all processed. Another big thing is that it is only recommended that you take in 10grams of sugar a day. Start counting your sugar intake daily and see if you are going over. More than likely you'll be surprised at how much excess of the stuff we take in. Sugar has been linked to numerous health issues such as diabetes, cancer, and inflammation. Think about the numerous healthy issues that are linked to inflammation. Hint its a lot.

Now think about the fact that many of the foods listed above also break down into a type of sugar within the body and it really isn't as hard to see where all these extra pounds are coming from. 

Trust me, I know  it is a work in progress for everyone to eat moderate amounts of these foods. As always too much of a good thing, isn't really a good thing.  πŸ’― You can do it πŸ₯‡ 

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